British Masters Championships

Sunday 7th July 2019 (SOLD OUT)
British Masters Championships

Our inaugural British Masters Championships will be held for the first time, the day after our popular British Teens Championships. The British Masters Championships will also be held locally at Reebok CrossFit Connect in Hove, for ALL abilities from ages 35 upwards! An incredible day you will want to be part of.

Hove seafront begins at Hove Lawns and stretches right along to Hove Lagoon, this is close to the home of Reebok CrossFit Connect where the British Masters Championships will take place. There is a stunning walk along the seafront, especially just as the sun rises or sets, from the West Pier onwards. Hove Lawns provides a green space right next to the sea for families, friends and all to enjoy. On average, July is the warmest month in Brighton. While the English summer is not always reliable, July brings with it hot and sunny days that rarely see wet weather. As a result, the seaside city becomes an attractive option for tourists who want to take advantage of the sun by sitting on the beach.

Book your weekend in Brighton NOW! Support your Teens on Saturday and encourage them to support YOU on Sunday – the perfect family event.

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