British Teen Championships, Sat 14th July 2018.

CrossFit Corinthian Kids taking over the World!

Another year gone, another successful day over, so quickly! Here we have a brief overview of how the day went. For individual athlete results, head straight to the bottom of the page.

CrossFit Corinthian took TEN teens along to this years 2018 BTC, out of 70 total athletes from all over the UK and Europe, and with Coach George leading the squad we definitely had a strong presence.

So what is it?

British Teen Champs is an annual competition run exclusively for teenage crossfitters in the UK and around Europe. CrossFit Corinthian run it in partnership with a local box in Hove – Reebok CrossFit Connect.

There are eight categories, covering the following four scales and age groups for boys and girls:
RXd 13-15years
RXd 16-17years
RXd 18-19years

Always such a brilliant day, this year being our third event, the crew, judges and organisers took the day in their stride, from an early start with the paddleboard event kicking off at 8am sharp the organisers held their breath for the first heat to go smoothly, which of course it did, then after that it was plain sailing.

WOD 1 – SUP it up Buttercup

This workout involved wading across a knee deep lagoon, lots of paddleboarding and some bodyweight exercises on the grass verge. Our kids showed off in this event, with three of our athletes taking a first place in their respective categories (Aaron, Lewis and Calvin), with James taking a close 2nd place finish in his category, showing off his excellent skills on the SUP and the speed and efficiency for his body weight movements.

We are very proud of the teens on this event, and are pretty sure that Lewis and Calvin will never forget the time they beat CrossFit Games athletes!!

CrossFit Teens Games Athlete, Reece Mitchel

CrossFit Teens Games Athlete, Reece Mitchel

WOD 2 – A Total Cluster of Ducks

We all headed back inside which was for most of us, our favoruite part of the day: the lifting! The kids had 5mins to find a 3rep max Thruster from the floor, and then straight into 3mins to find a 1rep max Cluster. The quality of lifting was incredible for this, absolutely no bad form at all.

Although the lift of the day went to Lee – with a whopping 115KG Thruster for 3reps and then a 1rm Cluster at 130kg, just WOW, the most emotional lift of the day went to Connie… who doesn’t often get the chance to lift to max, she held her fantastic form, and under the watchful eye of Coach George she smashed all previous lifts with that 35kg Cluster, leaving anyone watching in absolute tears. It was PBs across the board for all our athletes. Talk about stepping up when needed to perform!

Connie Hannam

Connie Hannam

Coach George

Coach George

WOD 3 – The Gymnastics one

It was fantastic to see Connie shine on this one again, getting her first ever ring pull up! If we weren’t crying on the Thrusters, we sure were then! Unfortunately older sister Nellie couldn’t quite get the muscle up, but she did do very well in handstand walking and pistols! One day soon Nellie! Aaron smashed his oppositinon in the scaled category, coming out on top for this one.

The rest the Corinthian crew did very well in their respective categories., coming in or around the middle of the pack. Calvin did exceptionally well, coming a close second to Taz (Murtaz Nadeem – a very capable Games Athlete). We were also very impressed with the amount of muscle ups Jack managed to get out in this workout!

WOD 4 – The Killer!

It was such a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, but it was HOT! Which was ideal for chilling on the beach between workouts, but was not ideal conditions for a beach run in a weight vest. For the final workout, the scaled athletes had to perform 10 burpees, run a 600m loop (including on stones) and then 10 burpees to finish, all in a weight vest (7.5kg for girls, 10kg for boys, which is standard CrossFit Games athletes’ weights. Dynamic Shield kindly donated all the weight vests for the day, such a lovely company with Craig and Ellie being such strong supporters of our event.

One of Coach Emma’s moments of the day happened when one of our older teens (Lewis) ran alongside Aaron to make sure he didn’t quit on the stones. We have such a strong squad, caring for each other and so supportive.
Team Titan Support!
Aaron managed to finish off, alongside team mate Connie, also struggling in the heat but also not letting that stop her.

The RXd athletes had it tougher; they had to keep their weight vests on for the entire workout, consisting of a 300m run along stones to the gym, 21-15-9 Burpee Box Jump Overs and then a mini “DT” to finish (once they had built their bars). They also had to complete 5 burpees as a punishment for putting the bar down at the end before the judge would stop the clock. With a 16min time cap in place, it was a struggle from the start for Jack, who is new to RXd competitions, let the heat get to him, but instead of quitting, we took the weight vest off and he managed to continue.

There was a fantastic race between Nellie and Marina, a very talented young lady from Ireland, in which Nellie managed to just hold onto that bar for a little bit longer, slightly beating Marina allowing her 2nd place on the podium to be secured. Calvin was also very impressive, trying to go out hard and take on Games athlete Taz, however, Taz managed to stay a bit more efficient in his movements and slowly edged back the lead from Calvin. But what a great race, we are pleased no-one got heat stroke, and a massive credit to the effort put in from all our athletes on this one.

Coach Emma also enjoyed watching how much each of our athletes enjoyed participating in the competition, their support for each other (SITTING IN WARM UP AREA GROUP PHOTO) and really stepping u when the time counted. Credit to Aaron and Vic who hadn’t trained much since the Open due to their school commitments and GCSEs. And most importantly, watching Callum enjoy his fitness again, even if Coach Emma did have to wipe the sweat out of his eyes so he could see on the final WOD!!

Effort and Attitude Scores

Most our kids got 39 or 40 out of a possible 40 points, which Coach Emma and George were really pleased with. The older ones letting us down slightly on this one (see scores below) but we all have something to work on so that’s ok! With so many kids scoring the 40 max points, the judges had to make a call on who stood out to them. It was a unanimous decision that our very own JACK should take away the “Spirit of the Day” award. With coach Emma almost choking up whilst reading out the award, it shows just how much that means to us all, Jack has come a very long way with his Attitude in particular, and this was a very well deserved award. Six Pack Jack!

In Summary…

We can’t thank the ‘crew’ enough! You guys are just brilliant! Everything ran so smoothly for the kids this year and because of you!
Titan Crew!Judges were amazing as always, with no aren’t issues it is always a good year! The Titans make this event possible, without the help of so many of you it could never run like it does. It was almost sad this year when it was all over, Emma and Barney cannot wait to get planning 2019 already!!

It is a pleasure to see the kids do what they do, and we are so lucky they get this opportunity, to compete because they love it, to have their eyes on the prizes but not one sad face to be seen. So many CrossFit Corinthian on that podium was incredible, your coaches cannot wait to see what 2019 can bring!

Click here for CrossFit Corinthian Results BTC 2018

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