CrossFit Classes

Forging Elite Fitness

At CrossFit Corinthian we run two separate programs for our members, they are designed under the same umbrella with similar long term goals but vary depending on whether you want general fitness (Corinthian Program) or to be a competitive athlete (Titan Program).

Titan Program:
We call this the Titan program, because CF Corinthian was founded upon our original members who were The Titans! The program is designed to push the top tier of athletes at the gym. Targeting the more competitive crossfitter, who is competing or just wants more of a challenge.

Corinthian Program:
At the same time we offer something to the general population. You can come in, workout, raise your heart rate and build some strength.

Technique, power, speed

Strongman / Team Workout:
True Functional Strength

Open Gym and The Pit:
Work on your weaknesses… and strengths

CrossFit Kids:
Future Fittest on Earth