Jurassic Coast Throwdown 4.0

Titan’s on Tour at CrossFit Weymouth, Sat 22nd July 2018.

For the second year running, the same team of four titans travelled along the coast to compete at CrossFit Weymouth’s fantastic 4-person team event. The two boys: Aaron “Monkyboy” Pooley & James Reid, and the two girls: Emma Hatt and Emma Dean. CrossFit Weymouth really is a home from home, owners Ben & Holly (and now Serge) know how to program a competition and put on a very enjoyable day for all the competing athletes, regardless of ability, with really well thought out WODs and scales again!

The Titans came second last year and were hoping to stay on the podium, if not move up a spot to claim the sought after “Skully’ dinosaur skull trophy for first prize. The day began with WOD1 , an ascending ladder in a “DT” style…


10mins to get as far u the ladder:
M/F Pair 1: 1 Deadlift + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 STOH
M/F Pair 2: 2+2+2
Pair 1: 3+3+3 etc….

10mins was a long time to hold on to the bar for, even though it was alternating rounds. While the ladies managed to hold on fairly well to the 30kg bar, the boys struggled with the 50kg once we got up to double figures. This was similar across the board for most teams, and the titans managed a strong finish in 3rd place in a WOD that was most definitely not their strong point.


A) 8mins for each athlete to find 6rm OHS from the floor
B) 8 x 90sec Intervals (2 per athlete) of: 8 TTB, 10 S.A. DB Hang C&J, Max Calories on the Rower.

Our time to shine! Or so we thought … The 8mins didn’t start too well, with an elbow injury for Monkeyboy on his first attempt at 90kg. After some rest and James Reid managing to make 100kg look light as a feather, Monkey had another go and managed to keep 80kg under control. The girls both comfortably hit their opening lift, Hatt with an easy 55kg and Emma D with 60kg. With 3 minutes left on the clock, James lifted the biggest weight of the day: 110kg!! Emzy D also managed to get 65kg up for 6 reps with ease. And Hatt definitely would have lifted heavier if there was anymore time on the clock, however, as it turns out we didn’t need it … the Titans finished a massive 25kg ahead of 2nd place.

But that was it … and time to move onto Part B’s 18.1 inspired intervals. This was made considerably tougher from the lack of grip left after WOD 1, however the Titans secured a 1st place by 1 calorie in this event, through some brilliant teamwork and effort on the rower. This result left the Titans in 1st lace after WOD 2.

WOD 3 – With a 13min Time Cap

100 DUs
50 Synchro Box Jumps (any M/F pair)
100 DUs
40 Synchro Thrusters (any M/F pair) 25/40kg
20 Team Synchro Down Ups
40 Synchro Thrusters (any M/F pair)
100 DUs
50 Synchro Box Jumps (any M/F pair)
100 DUs

WOD 3 – Not our jam!

Our aim was to finish in the time cap, and we did, but not many other teams did. This one was all about the teamwork and not letting Monkey near a skipping rope! The titans were good at all the movements, but just weren’t quick enough. Communication on the thrusters and down ups were on-point for the Titans, they just needed a little more speed as a team throughout the box jumps and 2nd set of thrusters. The Titans finished 4th, the other teams ahead were only slightly faster (1st place being 30secs faster).

Titans Made The FINAL!

The Titan team went into the final in second place as one of the top four teams. Points were carried over, but it was all to play for, as there were two parts to the final…

The Final

Part A) 12mins to run 900m ( 2 x laps of block) with 2 x sandbags (30/50kg of pure awkwardness)
Part B) relay style… once each in M/F/M/F order: 15/20 Cal Row + 10 Burpee Box Jump Overs + 8 Sandbag Cleans

This was a truly disgusting, very exciting final WOD(s) after a day of fairly nice ones! The boys struggled with the 50kg sandbag, with Emzy H taking the 30kg all the way in to the end, Emzy D went back to help the boys drag their 50kg bag back for the last 100m. The quality of the other teams really shone through, with the “Hoof Hearted” SPRINTING the whole 900m! The Titans still finished 3rd, so with no hope left for the top spot and ‘Skully’ the fight was on for 2nd place.

For Part B of the final, the atmosphere in the gym was absolutely electric, and with everyone waiting patiently for what seemed like forever, on 3-2-1-GO … Monkey stormed off for the titans, pulling a casual 3000cals+ per hour, followed closely by Emzy H who also smashed through her round. Then it was James’ turn, and after a positive start, he caught a bad case of the ‘Killer Quad Cramp’ during one of the sandbag cleans, allowing the team in 3rd place to overtake. Luckily James found some inner strength to carry on through the cramp, allowing Emma D to work her butt off to claw the team back into 2nd place by overtaking the sandbag cleans for a ONE SECOND lead!

It was a nervous wait to see where the team finished up, and we were all very happy to see them stand on the podium, even if it was in second place. Next year they will be back … stronger and fitter than ever to claim SKULLY!

Credit to the four titans who competed, showing massive improvement in their strength and fitness since last year, and most importantly their teamwork! They are all very inspirational to other gym members, and we are looking forward to see what happens in the future for these four athletes with another year of training under their belt, surely that skull will be within their reach!?

What CrossFit is all about and Why We Compete: Pizza and Beer Social!

We always love how welcome we are made to feel at CrossFit Weymouth, whether it be cheering us on in the competition, taking us to a quiet local spot for a sea swim or going out for a beer and pizza, we are always made to feel like one of their members. The Saturday night post-comp social was a brilliant opportunity to network with other members of the CrossFit community and make up for any missed calories in yummy pizza and beers.
Always a great weekend, the competition itself runs like clockwork with great WODs designed to get you working as a team and pushes yourself to the limit. Hopefully more Titans can join us next year!

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